Penetration Testing Leeds

Protect your data and prioritise your safety with our penetration testing Leeds service.

Keeping your data safe from a cyber attack is a priority where system security is concerned. It’s good to know that if there is a security breach, no one can access your information. Understanding the need for penetration testing for your network is important and a necessity in order to prevent any unauthorised access and network vulnerability.

Our penetration testing in Leeds ensures that your local network is safe and secure. One Compliance can test your system’s vulnerabilities, find out how they’re created as well as offer advice and guidance about how to fix your security flaws.

How do we work?

As cyber security and data privacy specialists, we can perform penetration tests on your network to find security weaknesses and to identify unprotected data. Our results will pinpoint exactly where potential cyber attacks could occur and how these attackers can get access to your organisation’s critical systems.

Where a vulnerability assessment provides a less invasive security test of system components, our penetration testing Leeds service is much more detailed, allowing a human tester to further investigate system weaknesses in a safe and secure way.

Why is a penetration test important?

Without the correct security measures in place, you’re vulnerable to attack from unauthorised users. Penetration testing is crucially important to ensure you don’t run into any detrimental problems. A regular penetration test can ensure that not only your organisation’s data is properly protected, but it also gives your clients the peace of mind that their information isn’t likely to be compromised.

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The types of test you can expect.

One Compliance offer a range of penetration testing and reviewing options in our Leeds penetration testing service.

Internal penetration testing.

There are two different types of internal penetration test: 

  • Infrastructure penetration test – testing the layers of your networks to identify any security holes and weaknesses within your server.
  • Network segmentation test – separates sensitive business-related functions from other network areas to retain security. 

External penetration testing. 

There are also two main types of external penetration test:

  • Web application penetration test – pinpoints any vulnerabilities in application layers through both manual and automated testing. 
  • Mobile application tests – the testing of passwords, storing of data, fingerprint scanners and APIs, to name a few.

System configuration review.

This type falls into three categories:

  • Configuration reviews – reviewing device hardware such as servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices, and operating systems associated with this hardware.
  • Network device configuration reviews – a software review of firewall and router configurations and their security. 
  • Wireless infrastructure test – covers on-site wireless network security, guest or third party wireless networks and identifies any unauthorised devices connected in your location.

Vulnerability assessments.

Even though the vulnerability assessment isn’t as thorough as a penetration test, it’s still a valuable way to cover all bases. Our human and automated testers can ensure you have the right programme in place to make sure you’re aware of any potential vulnerabilities. You’ll be able to obtain thorough management and progression reports and understand the results in detail. 

How can your organisation benefit from penetration testing?

Leeds penetration testing for your organisation can be very beneficial for many reasons:

Detect threats.

By gauging an organisation’s ability to fully protect itself from hackers and cyber attacks in its networks and applications (both internally and externally), a penetration test can correctly identify threats in security. Having regular tests can prevent unauthorised access and eliminate the risk of hackers getting access to sensitive information.

Protect company reputation.

The destruction of company and client data from a security breach can have a huge negative effect on a brand name or entire organisation. Penetration testing can prevent this, protecting your reputation and client loyalty. 

Avoid expensive security breaches.

Any fault where security is concerned can work out to be incredibly expensive when trying to put things right, not only in terms of money, but in how a customer sees your organisation. A penetration test can prevent unneeded expenses such as fines or penalties, as well as the generation of negative press.

What makes One Compliance different?

As a leading provider of penetration testing services in Leeds and beyond, our consultants can present your organisation with many benefits when you come on board with us.

Comprehensive testing.

We use some of the most complex tools around to not only perform secure penetration testing for your organisation, but to get deep into the different components for the best results. 

Work with our skilled consultants.

We’ll find any weaknesses in your system before an attacker does. With years of experience, our skilled consultants know what they’re looking for and how to find any security flaws.

Fresh ideas.

Our skilled consultants have access to some industry leading tools. By combining these with continuously advancing technologies, you can be confident that your personalised security suggestions can fully secure your network, as well as your hardware and software too. 

Choose our local penetration testing Leeds services for your own security.

Your security always comes first. With One Compliance, you can be confident your organisation’s network is secure and that any possible future breaches can be identified quickly. Our team boasts years of experience and are committed to bringing you the very best penetration testing service in Leeds. Get in touch with us today on 020 3855 0895 to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

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