360° Cyber Review

One Compliance offers a 360° Cyber Review to provide a greater understanding of privacy and cyber risks facing an organisation. The Review can be developed to be a part of an internal audit programme, of which both are required as part of ISO27001 certification (Annex A A.18.2) and GDPR (Article 28(h)) compliance.

360° Service Overview

Helps to provide assurance around third party risks and management.

Provides an independent and expert assessment on the current maturity of the controls in place to manage risk across the organisation.

Identifies the priority areas that the business should address, helping to focus on future investment.

Produces a detailed Analysis Report against a well-recognised security framework.

Helps to provide assurance around third party risks and management.

Why choose a 360° Review?

The 360° Review provides a detailed overview of the main components of many frameworks and regulations, ISO27001, COBIT, EU GDPR, DPA 2018, and PCI DSS. We use NIST Methodology as the basis of our assessment and reporting and we can provide simple and risk-based recommendations as part of the review, allowing businesses to clearly understand the steps they can take to reduce risk and improve the overall security culture of the organisation.

Advantages of a 360° Review

The assessment can be completed annually as part of an ongoing security culture. Independent assessments undertaken by a third-party specialist will add weight and evidence to any audit programme and prove that information security and privacy are taken seriously and in line with legislation and standards.

The 360° Cyber Review should be used as a starting point for any business wanting to understand their security posture and how it can be improved.