Keep Safe

Many of us are having home working thrust upon us due to the pandemic which has led to changes for everybody. This means more pressure upon an already creaking IT department which means that security is not featured as poignantly on the to do list as it usually is. Unfortunately, cyber criminals and opportunists are helped rather than hindered by the lockdown and we are already seeing spikes in basic attacks such as phishing. The BBC has published an article pertaining to the same

A breach/compromise could not only affect the integrity of client and business data but also the availability of services thus compounding the issue of BAU. Cyber criminals don’t always rely on complicated methods but actually exploiting simple open windows. At this time, it would be remiss not to advise businesses to keep up with their penetration testing programmes. If a full penetration test cannot be done, at the very least a regular, lower impact, vulnerability scan of the network perimeter should be carried out to understand where there may be holes.

Let’s not get caught out whilst spinning our other plates.

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