We (nearly) got Phished: How Staff Complacency & Misconceptions are your BIGGEST Threat

Don’t be fooled – long gone are the days where phishing scams were clumsy, clunky, and oddly written, suggesting that you transfer money or claim your free prize. Now, the oh-so-sophisticated scams make us feel safe and looked after. They often gently request an update of information and, seemingly, nothing more. However, we are still […]


We’re currently recruiting within the business, it’s a positive sign, it means that we are growing and able to take on even more clients. We’re hoping that the new recruit will add a new dimension to us by introducing their own thoughts and experiences. This is what we hope. Hope. I hate “hope”. Hope isn’t […]

Cyber Criminals, Furlough and the PCI DSS

The UK went into lockdown on March 23rd 2020 and the government introduced to us a new word “furlough”. Of course, 99.9% of us had never heard of this before but many welcomed the fact that they would be able to sit at home on 80% of their wage. It was also on this momentous day that the wizened old man, Woodstradamus, made his prediction that cyber criminals wouldn’t be furloughed and they would carry on doing what they do. Only it wasn’t that bold of a prediction, it was actually like betting on the Harlem

1984 or Greater Good?

I’m not going to use the “U” word. I refuse to. It’s already overused so I’ll go with:  we are in exceptional times and, after 7 weeks, I guess, we’re all at a point where we’d all like to get back to how things were as quickly as possible. A Pipe dream, perhaps. To proceed and work […]

Keep Safe

Many of us are having home working thrust upon us due to the pandemic which has led to changes for everybody. This means more pressure upon an already creaking IT department which means that security is not featured as poignantly on the to do list as it usually is. Unfortunately, cyber criminals and opportunists are […]

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Tonight’s one of those nights where I’m burning the candle at both ends but before I sign off and hit the hay, I’ve had the thought “who will get breached tonight?”. Let’s be honest, there’s always somebody and when it’s a high-profile case the jungle drums start beating and platforms such as LinkedIn are awash […]

Is a present really a present?

The January blues are in full-flow around the nation and not only am I in a grump but I’m being massively ungrateful to boot! Allow me to explain. This year, we moved to lovely new serviced offices and to prove that I’m not always in a crank, we participated in Secret Santa with the other companies who share […]

One Compliance are now CREST Accredited for Penetration Testing

We are pleased and extremely proud to announce that we have achieved CREST accreditation for our Penetration Testing services, an internationally recognised endorsement of our robust network security testing methodologies. CREST provides independent, verifiable third-party assessments of security testing businesses in the UK and across the world and gives clients a demonstrable level of assurance that the security testing […]

The Cybercriminal fraternity doesn’t care about your change freeze

Halloween is over, the clocks have gone back so it must be time to dust off the baubles and lock down your network ready for biggest online sales event of the year, otherwise known as Black Friday. It is easy to understand why applying a “change freeze” to the E-Commerce infrastructure, over one of the […]